My name is Dennis O’Bryan I am the chapter Elder of the South Central Bikers for Christ chapter.

We are located around the Portsmouth, Minford, Lucasville, Wheelersburg, Piketon, Ohio areas.

I have been a member of this ministry for several years.

Most of us have some sort of sorted past, I won’t give a lot about my testimony, running with clubs ,alcoholic drinking , drug use and the dark path these took me down almost taking my life on more than one occasion. There it’s said!

When I decided to give my life to God I was willing to do whatever God commanded of me, I was willing to accept his will in my life, I was ready to give up my bikes, leathers  cover my tattoos, stop going to AA sponsoring other addicts and alcohols.

Part of my Salvation prayer to God was “God take from me all things that you find unpleasing, and the things you allow me to keep will give back to you.

The next few days I found myself researching motorcycle ministries, I found a few but none I felt drawn to.

Then shortly after I was on a ride and met some other BFC members and knew this is where I need to be.

I believe God led me to BFC, I am grateful that he allowed me to keep my bike and a desire to ride in his service spreading his word using my bike as my pulpit, reaching out to the outer fringes of society where other Christians may not want to go,

We are a bunch of bikers saved by the grace of God,

Even though lost Bikers are our target ministry we by no means turn our backs on other lost and hurting souls

We reach out to the prostitutes, orphans, homeless, addicts, prisoners, the sick, and the helpless.

We maintain a good report with local motorcycle clubs in our areas, we let them know that we are here to meet there spiritual needs, our BFC pastors merry them, bury them, pray with their sick and loved ones. We have earned their respect because of the way we carry ourselves, we say we are Christian we act like Christians

Some wish to live with in the sounds of church or chapel bells, we want to run a rescue shop with in a yard from hell.

Thank You